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Debrecen Zoo closes 2019 with most visitors in a decade

Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park closed 2019 with more than 160,000 visitors in total, the highest attendance of the last decade, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The zoo says that 2019 was a successful year in terms of the institution’s breeding successes and new acquisitions.

A reticulated giraffe and a mantled guereza were born once again; at the zoo and multiple red-and-green and blue-and-yellow macaws hatched, just like last year. Also, there are a number of species such as common elands, ring-tailed lemurs and South American tapirs that have managed to breed every year, including 2019, for a while now.

The zooʼs new acquisitions included frilled-necked lizards, Vietnamese mossy frogs, and a yellow-headed water monitor. Shetland ponies also arrived in summer, making pony rides were once again available at the amusement park between August and October.

Not only the zoo, but the amusement park also had a strong season with a number of rides undergoing a cosmetic overhaul and a total of 186,000 ride and attraction uses over 182 days. The amusement park will celebrate its 60th anniversary in May 2020.

The zoo also introduced online ticket sales and developed a free Wi-Fi network covering the entire premises. Due to a notable increase in attendance by foreign visitors, the minimap of the zoo is now available in 10 languages. Guided tours in English without pre-registration were also introduced.