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Composer Felfoldi writes ʼBrexit Balletʼ

Hungarian film and music producer Joseph Felfoldi, the founder of Felfoldi Music, has composed a musical piece entitled “Brexit Ballet” about the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, trying to capture how Europeans could feel about the issue, according to a press statement sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Screengrab from the music video

In the music video Felfoldi expresses some of the mixed feelings in a fusion of song and choreography. 

The song is inspired by the English ballad tradition, with the lyrics identifying themes that Europeans associate with Britain: a misty island, at once nearby and distant; a proud seafaring nation with a long history; and a complex destiny intertwined with that of Europe. Out of respect, the press statement says, Felfoldi sings the lyrics in English, himself.

The choreography is arranged by Zsuzsa Laczó of the Csokonai Theater in Debrecen, with dancer Kitti Gall playing Britannia on a bare stage. The narrative evokes a combination of admiration, beauty, trauma, and sorrow.

The music video was uploaded to Youtube a month ago and has already gained almost 600,000 views. According to statistics, more than half of the views came from English speaking countries, but it also has rapidly circulated all over the European Union. Based on Youtube comments and email feedback, Europeans pay particular attention to the possible outcomes and influences of Brexit. 

Felfoldi is a Hungarian businessman and founder of a candy company which exports across Europe and the world, with the U.K. representing one of its strongest partners. He also writes and produces songs and poetry. He lost one of his eyes in an accident when he was 14 years old. "At this time, he got his first guitar from his elder sister. His affinity and commitment to music, literature and arts has accompanied his every waking moment since," the statement says.