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Charity during lockdown and a ʼGreatest Hitsʼ menu

The Budapest Business Journal talks with manager Miklós Lizsicsár and Ádám Barna of St. Andrea Restaurant about the introduction of a "Greatest Hits" menu and how the establishment copes with the coronavirus-crisis.

Miklós Lizsicsár (left) and Ádám Barna

BBJ: How did the restaurant get involved in Bocuse DʼOrʼs charity program during the lockdown period?

St. Andrea: We are always trying to help the ones in need. Given the unprecedented situation that the COVID-19 safety measures had brought upon the global economy. It was obvious that for some, help is needed more than ever in our lifetime. So when the opportunity came up we instantly accepted it. Executive chef Ádám Barna and sous chef Endre Kollár joined forces with Bocuse DʼOr and Metro Academy to prepare hundreds of meals for those who perhaps needed it the most. 

BBJ: What kind of special, coronavirus-related measures are in place in the restaurant at the moment?

SA: In order to ensure the safety of our guests and colleagues we have increased our already high emphasis on hygiene. The use of professional face masks and hand sanitizers are just the tip of the iceberg. We offer contactless menus and during the day disinfection among other safety measures to ensure that our guests can safely enjoy their time spent at St. Andrea Restaurant.

BBJ: What was the inspiration behind bringing the "Greatest Hits" of the last five years back to the menu?

SA: There are actually three main reasons behind that. For starters we have always had a "Greatest Hits" section in our menu, much loved by our guests. So we wanted to keep that. Secondly, our team was busy planning the fifth birthday celebration for St. Andrea Restaurant that was supposed to take place in the spring but could not happen for obvious reasons. Lastly, during such challenging times, we are trying to remind ourselves of all of the great experiences we have been through with our guests and team in the past. This menu does not only highlight the "Greatest Meals" of the past five years, but it also brings up great memories for those who were with us along the way.

BBJ: What would you consider the highlights of this menu?

SA: It is always difficult to pick just one. They are all special for their own unique reasons. But if we had to pick just a single one then it has to be the "Lukewarm Summer Stuffed Cabbage". Despite it being a typical Hungarian dish, there are different ways the locals make it in almost every region. We believe that our way of preparing truly captures the essence of a true Hungarian stuffed cabbage that could stand its ground in every region around the country.