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1st food truck run by disabled people

Fruccola, the fast food casual restaurant serving salads, has launched a food track dubbed Jupiter in cooperation with the Hand in Hand Foundation (Kézenfogva Alapítvány), which helps people with disabilities, reports.


The original idea came with the owners of Fruccola from Berlin. Their aim was to help the integration of people living with disabilities into the labor market.

Jupiter employs handicapped staff. The truck offers food with melted-grilled cheese and sells raclettes (a taditional Swiss après-ski dish where cheese is melted under an electric grill element and scraped over the accompaniments). The owners say they wanted to focus on easy-to-cook and delicious food.

The truck has thus far been present at the Sziget Festival, in front of the Akvárium music club at District V’s Erzsébet tér, and the Food Truck Show in Kincsem Park for pilot runs. It is currently operating in front of the Allee shopping mall for six months, says.