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V4 nationals with negative COVID test exempt from entry ban

Citizens of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia, have been exempted from a general ban on foreigners entering Hungary, if they can produce a negative coronavirus test from no more than five days earlier, state news wire MTI reports, citing a social media post by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó.

The minister said Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis had asked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at a meeting in Bled, Slovenia, on Monday to allow Czech nationals into Hungary who had already booked rooms in the country for September. An agreement was reached on allowing Czech citizens with a recent negative COVID-19 test entry into Hungary, and, after further negotiations in Bled and by phone, the "Czech example" was applied to the other Visegrád Group members: Poland and Slovakia, he added.

Szijjártó joined Orbán and other prime ministers from the region at the annual Bled Strategic Forum on Monday.

Decree designates all neighboring countries for commuter exception 

A decree issued by the foreign minister has applied an exemption from a ban on entry by foreigners to commuters from all of the countries that share borders with Hungary from September 1.

The decree, published in the latest issue of the official gazette Magyar Közlöny, allows commuters from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, and Serbia to enter Hungary for periods of up to 24 hours as long as they remain within 30 kilometers of the border.

Hungary is barring entry by foreign nationals, with some exceptions, from September 1 because of a rise in the number of new coronavirus infections originating from abroad.