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Travel restrictions lifted for citizens of EU and 4 other countries

Citizens of EU member states, as well as Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland are now allowed to freely enter Hungary without restrictions, according to an announcement posted on Facebook by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó.

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Hungarian citizens returning from the aforementioned countries do not have to undergo quarantine after crossing the Hungarian border either.

However, according to a press release by Budapest Airport, Hungarians returning from the United Kingdom have to enter quarantine for two weeks, and U.K. citizens are only allowed to enter the country with separate permission.

The airport says that police now will be checking the citizenship of each person crossing the border.

Passengers holding passports issued by third countries but whose entry into Hungary was permitted by the authorities have to undergo body temperature measurement.

Based on the decision of the authorities, measuring body temperature is not required in the case of other passengers.