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Szijjártó holds talks on easing border restrictions with Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó has held talks with his counterparts in Austria, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia on easing border restrictions in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus, state news wire MTI reports.

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Allowing communities along the border to foster their connections again can be a return in the direction of normalcy, Szijjártó said in a message posted on his Facebook page.

He welcomed measures by Austria and Slovakia to ease border restrictions and said Hungaryʼs government would soon discuss measures suitable for ensuring reciprocity.

Defending the lives and health of people is a priority, but eliminating disruptions to economic and trade ties is also important, he said.

As the Budapest Business Journal reported yesterday, Slovenia and Hungary have already started working on a plan to gradually ease border restrictions.

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