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Police detects 51,382 movement restriction infringements

To date, the police detected 51,382 infringements related to movement restrictions to data, issuing 26,755 cautions, 13,132 onsite fines, and opting to begin prosecution in 11,495 cases, according to Operational Group duty center staff member Róbert Kiss, reports

Kiss noted that starting today the rules of the restrictions on movement had been lifted in the entire territory of the country. According to him, the police checked compliance with the restrictions on movement from March 28.

He also said that to date 370 criminal procedures had been instituted, including 94 due to scaremongering, 27 due to the threat of public endangerment, 118 due to fraud, and 21 due to the violation of disease control regulations.

Kiss highlighted that the next phase of protective measures has begun meaning that shops will be able to reopen without restrictions, even in the capital. Additionally, customers are now allowed to use the gardens and terraces of restaurants, cafes, cake shops, snack bars, and pubs.

Bathing facilities, outdoor baths, outdoor museums, and zoos may now reopen in the capital as well. Church ceremonies, civil weddings, and funerals can also be held.

Institutions of higher decisions may be reopened, in case rectors decide to do so, but student facilities will remain closed.

Outside Budapest, even the indoor spaces of restaurants and other catering establishments may reopen.

However, restaurant workers will be required to cover their mouths and noses and to ensure the implementation of social distancing. Hotels and guest houses outside the capital may receive guests from now on.

However, according to Kiss, general health protection measures will remain in effect throughout the entire country, including the compulsory wearing of face masks or scarves on public transport and in shops, social distancing, and the shopping hours reserved for different age groups.

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