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Police continuously monitoring compliance with coronavirus measures

The police are continuously monitoring compliance with the extraordinary coronavirus measures, member of the duty center of the Operational Group Róbert Kiss said at an online press conference, according to a report by government website

The Police Lt. Colonel said that the police are monitoring compliance with restrictions on movement, the limited opening hours of shops and the rules of compulsory home quarantine.

He added that the majority of those congregating in public places cooperate with police officers upon being cautioned; however, there have been instances when the police had to take action.

Since the introduction of restrictions on movement, 1,128 police actions have been taken, including 956 instances of cautioning, 49 onsite fines, and prosecution in 123 cases.

As of Wednesday, compulsory home quarantine has been ordered in 9,679 cases, with authorities checking compliance with the rules 71,350 times. While most people complied with the restrictions, charges have been pressed in 322 cases.

Regarding the restrictions on retail opening hours, Kiss noted that authorities have cautioned 39 shop owners, have imposed onsite fines in 25 cases and have prosecuted 61 persons.

He argued that the extraordinary measures have contributed to enhancing the efficiency of the effort to contain the epidemic, and reducing the number of infections. For this reason, the measures will be kept in place until the end of the state of danger.

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