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No new coronavirus deaths in Hungary

The number of active coronavirus cases in Hungary stands at 932, down from 947 yesterday, according to data by government coronavirus information site There have been no new COVID-19 deaths recorded in the country for the first time since March.

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Approximately 39% of the active cases are located in Budapest.

The total number of confirmed cases has increased by two, reaching 4,081.

The death toll remains at 568.

The number of recoveries has grown by 17, reaching 2,581.

Some 192 patients require hospitalization, with 15 of them requiring ventilation as well.

So far, 249,391 tests have been conducted at accredited laboratories. Some 6,310 people are currently in compulsory home quarantine.

Looking at all diagnosed cases until now, Budapest remains the most affected area of the entire country, with the number of cases (both active and inactive) reaching 1,935. Pest County is the second most affected, with 598 cases, followed by Fejér County (376 cases)