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No county without coronavirus patient

Every single county in Hungary now has coronavirus patients, Hungaryʼs Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller said at an online press conference by the Operational Group yesterday, according to a report by

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She noted that the rise in the number of patients is now exponential, a phase of rapid increase, adding that Hungary will probably enter the phase of mass incidences in the near future.

Müller also said that several measures are being introduced in healthcare every day, in preparation for mass incidences. Healthcare institutions are increasing capacities and preparing for receiving patients. 

Responding to news reports about foreign students being blamed for bringing coronavirus to Hungary, Müller said there are no grounds for these claims. "No one is to blame for how a virus is transmitted from one person to another, or who infects whom,” she said.

Head of the duty center of the Operational Group Tibor Lakatos said that there are 188 Hungarian nationals in quarantine in Europe, and another 30 outside the continent. He noted that 187 of those quarantined in Europe are in isolation in Austria, and one person is in quarantine in Germany.

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