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MÁV disinfecting transport vehicles daily nationwide

In view of the increasing epidemiological situation, the fleet of Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) once again started to be disinfected on a daily basis from Tuesday, writes

A man in a protective suit disinfects a train to stop the spread of COVID-19. Photo by Wellnhofer Designs / is illustrative only.

The maintenance of public transport is of paramount importance for the functioning of everyday life and the economy, so the MÁV Group is working to ensure the continuous and safe transport of people and goods, it said.

Since September, daily high-level disinfection has been in force in the suburbs and on international trains, and the daily disinfection on MÁV-START (passenger) services resumed nationwide yesterday.

MÁV-HÉV suburban trains and the Volánbusz coach network will continue to maintain the daily vehicle disinfection introduced since the spring, according to MÁV Group.