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Markets reopen in Kaposvár

István Nagy, the Minister of Agriculture, has called for the reopening of the local markets in Kaposvár.

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In a statement to the press, Nagy said that with proper respect for the precautionary measures, the risk of infection is reduced, while the possibility of constant access to goods will slow price rises and the hoarding of products.

The minister also added that, in his opinion, the closure of the markets was not a good decision from the start as it leaves the local producers in a critical situation during a time such as Easter or seeding season.

Károly Szita, the mayor of Kaposvár, said that the city’s market will remain open, "because we create the opportunity for ourselves to buy everything we are used to in comfortable conditions." However, certain restriction has been introduced: no more than 50 customers can be in two outdoor markets at the same time.

The politician emphasized that market products will be delivered to households in Kaposvár from the next week; orders are accepted via phone on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The goods will be delivered by volunteers the day after the order.

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