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Hungary succeeds in flattening curve, official says

Hungary has succeeded in flattening the curve of the spread of coronavirus thanks to a disciplined containment efforts, Government Communication Center Spokesperson Örs Farkas said on public television, according to a report by government website

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Farkas added that members of the public have complied with the restrictions and tightened regulations. Still, at the weekend, the level of discipline dropped somewhat, particularly in and around Budapest, he noted.

The spokesperson argued that since the initial appearance of the epidemic, the situation has proved to be better than expected. Compared with other EU members, the epidemic reached Hungary later, and thanks to this, the number of incidences falling on 100,000 persons is very low both in the region and compared with the EU’s overall data, he explained.

Restrictions and tightened regulations reducing the number of face-to-face interactions were introduced in a timely manner, Farkas said.

The spokesperson also noted that managing the current crisis is a difficult, complex task as the epidemic affects the entire globe and economic problems have emerged as a consequence.

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