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Hungary coronavirus defense measures cost HUF 245 bln, so far

Budget spending on measures related to the coronavirus pandemic have reached HUF 245 billion, Finance Minister Mihály Varga said in a video posted on social media on Friday, state news wire MTI reports.

Mihály Varga (Photo by Alexandros Michailidis /

That spending includes HUF 157 bln spent on procurements directly related to dealing with the health impact of the virus and HUF 90 bln for measures to ease the fallout on the economy, Varga said.

An action group earlier established by the government to coordinate Hungaryʼs financial response to the crisis is adjusting the budget to the situation caused by the virus, he said.

The government is taking decisions from week to week, shielding what has been achieved so far with an active economic policy, thus more economic protection measures can be expected soon, he added.

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