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Hungary changes Spain COVID-19 risk classification to yellow

Hungary has changed the risk classification for Spain governing restrictions on arrivals of Hungarian and foreign nationals based on rates of novel coronavirus infections to yellow from green, according to a report by state news wire MTI.

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In mid-July, Hungary introduced restrictions applying to Hungarians and foreigners, who are not on official business, arriving from countries with moderate and high levels of COVID-19 infections, color-coded yellow, and red, respectively. Arrivals from countries with low rates of coronavirus infections, color-coded "green", may enter Hungary without restriction.

In a resolution published in the official bulletin Hivatalos Értesítő, Hungaryʼs chief medical officer changed the color code for Spain to yellow from green.

Hungarians arriving from yellow and red countries must go into a 14-day quarantine unless they can produce two certified negative coronavirus tests from the previous five days, conducted at an interval of at least two days, upon arrival. The quarantine may also be lifted after arrival following a single negative COVID-19 test in the case of visits to yellow countries and two negative COVID-19 tests in the case of red countries. 

In the case of non-Hungarians, the nationals of yellow countries are allowed to enter the country under the same conditions as Hungarian nationals. Foreign nationals coming from countries falling into the red category are not allowed to enter Hungary.