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Hungarian startup offers help to EU governments

Given the critical situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, BondWeaver, a Luxembourg-based Hungarian startup that provides network-based, data-driven analytics and predictive modeling services, has decided to offer its software free of charge to the governments of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Hungary, as well as EU institutions.

Caspar Kocsis, managing director of BondWeaver

BondWeaver says its goal is not only to help government agencies and the network of health institutions, but also SMEs and the corporate sector.

“The identification of key players and their potential deputies is crucial for government bodies and crisis management agencies,” says Caspar Kocsis, managing director of BondWeaver.

“BondWeaver’s software solution can map the communication channels used by the stakeholders, identify the most effective ones and make recommendations to minimize the frequency of face-to-face meetings,” Kocsis adds.

The use of artificial intelligence and network science holds the promise of becoming a possible solution against COVID-related anxiety, helping public organizations and private companies focus more on efficient and professional work, BondWeaver says.