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Hospital commanders to be installed in larger elderly care homes

Hospital commanders will also be installed in larger elderly care homes with more than 200 residents, according to the National Hospital Commander appointed due to the coronavirus epidemic, government website reports.

Zsolt Halmosi said 18 institutions have been designated throughout the country. Eight of these are operated by local governments, five are centrally operated institutions, three are church-operated, while two are privately operated care homes.

He highlighted that the hospital commanders will not assume the operators’ responsibilities. They will have the authority to monitor compliance with the disease control regulations and the rules relating to the protection of health care supplies in elderly care homes.

Halmosi noted that the government decree allowing the installation of hospital commanders in elderly care homes entered into force on Thursday. According to the decree, the minister responsible for healthcare can make recommendations, and the relevant decision regarding the appointment will be taken by the Minister of Interior. 

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