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Govʼt presses EU for restrictions on poultry imports from third countries

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy has asked European Commissioner for Trade Phil Hogan to weigh restrictions on poultry imports from non-EU countries to mitigate a decline in orders from hotels and catering establishments closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by state news wire MTI.

Image by Pixabay

A week earlier, Hungarian poultry farmers and processors called for restrictions on imports from countries outside of the EU because of a glut that has pushed prices under costs.

"Temporary adjustments to the volume of imports from third countries can help achieve a balance of the internal market and create a level playing field for domestic production," Nagy said. 

"Such temporary measures could lead to an immediate easing on the poultry market, helping to increase the flexibility of domestic production and ensuring safe products for domestic and European consumers," he added.

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