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Govʼt issues decree on pandemic defense funding

Hungaryʼs government has issued a decree detailing budget resources and allocations earmarked for defending against the novel coronavirus and protecting the economy from the fallout of the pandemic, state news wire MTI reports.

The decree establishes two funds in the 2020 budget, a Pandemic Defense Fund and an Economic Defense Fund.

Expenditures of the Pandemic Defense Fund add up to HUF 533 billion and include HUF 380.5 bln for procurement of supplies and investments, HUF 81.9 bln for an earlier decided increase in healthcare workersʼ salaries, and HUF 70.6 bln for a one-off HUF 500,000 healthcare workers bonus.

Resources for the fund include HUF 378 bln in central budget reserves, HUF 55 bln from a financial sector contribution, HUF 46.9 bln from budget reallocations, HUF 36 bln from a retail sector tax, HUF 34.4 bln from a vehicle tax redirected from local councils, and HUF 1.3 bln from half of earmarked support for political parties.

The Economic Defense Fundʼs expenditures add up to nearly HUF 1.346 trillion and include HUF 922.6 bln for a workplace protection program, a job creation program, programs for priority sectors of the economy, business financing and a family and pensioner protection program, as well as HUF 423.1 bln for the National Employment Fund.

Resources for the fund include HUF 922.6 bln from savings of central budget-funded institutions and programs and 423.1 bln in National Employment Fund revenue.

The main funding figures, as well as the funded programs, were earlier announced by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the head of the Prime Ministerʼs Office Gergely Gulyás.

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