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Govʼt extends travel ban exemption for V4 citizens

Hungaryʼs government has extended an exemption for citizens of other Visegrád Group countries (the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia), from a general ban on entry by foreigners to contain the spread of the coronavirus, a decree published in the latest issue of the official Magyar Közlöny shows.

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Czech, Polish and Slovak citizens may enter Hungary with a negative COVID-19 test if they have made reservations before October 6 at commercial lodgings in the country up to October 31, the last day the decree is in force.

V4 nationals were allowed the same exemption from early September, after the blanket ban on entry by foreigners was introduced.

That exemption was criticized by European Union authorities for discriminating against nationals from other member states, but Hungaryʼs government justified the measure citing the close degree of cooperation concerning pandemic defense measures among the V4.