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Easing of restrictions along Slovakian-Hungarian border

Starting today, Hungary enables Slovakian citizens to enter the country for a day without mandatory quarantine, according to a report by government website

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"The further easing of restrictions is occurring along the Slovakian-Hungarian border in view of the fact that on Thursday the Slovakian government made it possible for its citizens to travel to neighboring countries, including Hungary, for no longer than a day without the mandatory need to go into quarantine upon returning home," Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó said on his Facebook page, according to the report.

In order to let families and communities living on either side of the border to meet again, Slovakian citizens are now allowed to enter Hungary for a day.

The minister pointed out that both Hungary and Slovakia have been particularly successful in handling the coronavirus epidemic.

"In view of the economic relations between the two countries, in addition to freight traffic, provisions have already been introduced to enable the crossing of the border by commuters for work purposes," Szijjártó recalled.

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