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COVID-19: Mass illness stage is coming

The group illness phase of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in Hungary is about to be replaced with the mass illness stage, Parliamentary Secretary and Deputy Minister of the Cabinet Office Csaba Dömötör announced on Sundayʼs Kossuth Radio program.

He added that the speed of the spread is not the important factor; the goal is to prevent the national health system being overwhelmed.

Dömötör also noted that there are no people in the country whose life would not be affected by this epidemic.

"Thanks go to the millions of Hungarians who show extreme discipline these days, and special recognition is deserved for those who stand up and fight the virus," he said.

The politician reminded listeners that the Parliament will decide on Monday about the extent of the measures to be taken during the emergency. He said no one knows how many months we will have to fight the virus.

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