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COVID-19 endangered group also includes people with allergies

The coronavirus Operational Group once again addressed the importance of people protecting themselves and others at its daily press conference today (Saturday, March 21).

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According to the current information, there are 3,771 people officially quarantined, and more than 15,000 checks have been carried out. All resources within the country are being prepared for the mass infection phase. 

The countryʼs chief medical officer Cecília Müller has also stated that, even though the main endangered group remains the elderly and people with chronic diseases, people with allergies also need to be more attentive, as they can be equated to this group as well.

“We must act as one; every action that reduces the number of human contacts contributes to a decrease in infections,” Müller was quoted as saying by “This way, we can delay the spread of mass infections.”

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