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Coronavirus scam appears in Hungary

A coronavirus scam has been detected by ESET, an international provider of business and home security software solutions, in several countries, including Hungary. 

Photo by Tero Vesalainen/

Victims receive a message with links to fake webshops offering medical masks, allowing a very good platform for cybercriminals. The scammers, who are said to come from Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, steal personal information such as name, address, email address and phone numbers. An example for this could be the site szajmaszk-3-hu[.]com, which allows the interference of the attackers by not using the “https” scheme.  

Other countries are no less vulnerable to similar frauds. According to Sky News, similar scams have already resulted in GBP 800,000 (HUF 300 million) losses for British people.

ESET recommends that people always use a secure device and internet connection during online shopping, create strong and unique passwords, choose only reliable, well-known shops with positive reviews, never save any credit card information in a webshop or browser and notify their bank whenever a suspicious transaction is noticed.

“In such special situations, when cybercriminals try to monetize people’s fears”, ESET also says online shops have to be “more attentive to their users, as unsuspecting customers can easily be defrauded, and their effects [stolen personal information] can cause serious trouble even months later.”

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