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Budapest Airport to slowly restart passenger services

Reacting to the slow awakening of aviation industry in Europe and route relaunch forecasts, Budapest Airport says that it will gradually restart passenger services with a focus on protecting the health of passengers and staff.

Passenger traffic at the Ferenc Liszt International Airport decreased significantly in March before virtually ceasing in April.

The airport says that several airlines are restarting flights thanks to an improvement in the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in increasing passenger numbers.

"During this period, protecting the health of passengers and staff, ensuring the safety of air travel and a safe passenger experience are key priorities for Budapest Airport," says Rolf Schnitzler, the CEO of Budapest Airport.

"In harmony with the government’s measures, the airport operator has been doing everything it could since the appearance of the pandemic in January to ensure that presence at the airport should be safe and risk-free for passengers and employees alike," he adds.

Safety measures

The airport’s emergency readiness unit continuously disinfects passenger security screening lanes on a daily basis. Furthermore, the operator has performed a disinfectant "spring cleaning" in the entire area of the airport. The offices, resting facilities, and other premises used by airport services are also undergoing continuous and regular disinfectant cleaning.

To protect the health of passengers and employees, the airport is further increasing the number of hand sanitizer dispensers. Furthermore, active queue management is now in effect. In order to facilitate social distancing, there are now floor stickers and prohibitive stickers on every second seat in the airportʼs SkyCourt building.

Signs and fliers informing passengers about protection against coronavirus are also available at the airport.

Wearing masks is now mandatory for employees who are not able to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others due to the nature of their work. 

The airport calls on passengers to arrive early and enter its premises unaccompanied, minimizing the number of people concurrently present in or at the facilities. In addition, passengers are also encouraged to use online check-in and self-service baggage drop-off, wherever available.

Due to regulations introduced by the government, all arriving passengers must undergo body temperature measurement performed by medical professionals, as well as ID or passport control.

According to the currently valid decree, only Hungarian citizens and citizens of European Economic Area member states entitled to residence in Hungary (and able to attest this right with a residence card) may enter the area of Hungary.