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Bill to end extraordinary legal order to be submitted next week

A bill ending the extraordinary legal order in Hungary could be submitted to Parliament as early as next Tuesday, head of the Prime Ministerʼs Office Gergely Gulyás said, according to a report by Hungarian news agency MTI.

Earlier in May, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said Hungaryʼs government expects to return to Parliament a mandate giving it extraordinary powers to manage the coronavirus crisis by the end of May.

On March 30, Parliament approved legislation extending a state of emergency declared on March 11 for a period of 15 days and giving the government sweeping powers to enact measures to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The law allowed the government to "suspend the application of some legislation, diverge from legal provisions and take other extraordinary measures by decree in the interest of ensuring the security of life, health, person, property, and rights of citizens as well as the stability of the national economy".

The law aimed to ensure the governmentʼs power to take further measures and keep existing ones in place if Parliament is unable to convene for reasons related to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it drew criticism by NGOs such as Transparency International.