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2 border crossings reopened for Hungarians and Slovenians

The border crossing stations in Bajánsenye and Kétvölgy have been reopened for Hungarian and Slovenian citizens, government website reports, citing a social media post by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó.

Szijjártó points out that all border crossing stations along the northern stretch of the Hungarian-Slovenian border have been closed since mid-March as a result of the restrictions introduced to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

"This has caused major problems for people living in the Rába (Porabje) and Mura (Prekmurje) regions, many of whom cross the border daily to work, in addition to which many own plots of land on the territory of the neighboring country," the minister explains.

“In response to their requests, we are reopening the Bajánsenye and Kétvölgy border crossing points beginning this morning. Accordingly, people in the area can begin gong to work again, and farmers can perform their spring tasks so there will be something to harvest in the autumn," he adds.

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