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1st Hungarian coronavirus genome found

The first Hungarian coronavirus genome has been found by the Bioinformatics Research Group of the Szentágothai János Research Center of the University of Pécs and virology specialists from the university.

Photo by Corona Borealis Studio/

In a Facebook post on the Virológia Pécs page, the researchers have published the latest results that came out late on Friday (March 20), together with some explanations and answers to potential questions from their followers.  

According to the research group, the importance of the research lies in the possibility to monitor the changes of the virus and its origins, such as the continent and the group of patients it came from. The research also makes it possible to track the responses of the virus to the test vaccine.

The main goal of the article is to “keep the window of science opened to everybody”, as the researchers promise to carry on with their examinations and to keep their readers updated on the situation and its significance.

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