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A hypersensitive approach to the workplace


Many people would not believe how complex a task it is to design an office that optimally serves the needs of employees as well as the daily flow of business. Kinnarps takes a hypersensitive approach to the task in order to provide its clients with an office environment that guarantees that work will continue seamlessly and everyone will have a “good day.”

Designing an office that optimally serves the needs of fast-paced business is a very complex task. It is crucial to keep up with the tempo, and this is where a smartly designed office space and environment can add to business efficiency, since communication among people has to be fast not only through modern technology but also in the physical space of the office. The mission of Kinnarps is to design offices that fully serve the well-being of employees in both body and soul, to help them do their work in the most efficient way by reducing their sense of stress to a minimum. Another key element is to design the office space in a way that best serves the structural operation of the organization it is used by. Flexible furniture may be needed, which means that a workshop area for multiple people can be created from individual work stations in a few minutes. In this case, the office environment perfectly matches the flexibility of the organization. The Kinnarps concept of the office area can be characterized by a holistic view, in which everything is connected to each other. In practice, this means that people’s work capacity can be increased by 20%–26% when working with natural light, for example. Or that with warm colors in the office, people will feel cold 5 Celsius degrees lower than otherwise. When it comes to cost savings, these factors can hardly be overlooked by any company.

Rita Istivan
Managing Director
Kinnarps Hungary, Honorary Associate Professor

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