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WTS Klient launches new business line

In January 2020, WTS Klient launched a new business line called WTS Klient Business Automation Kft., led by economist and IT expert János Németh, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

János Németh

The new business line offers automated business solutions for the company’s clients to reduce their business and tax administration burdens and helps utilize the new opportunities that automation brings.

To assist clients, it uses the possibilities of linking digital systems related to accounting, taxation and other administrative areas (e.g. EKÁER, online invoice reporting, etc.) and the availability of databases – created among other things as a result of obligatory data reporting.

Besides automating and robotizing monotonous and routine tasks in clients’ administrative systems, the new company will provide help for managers in using the information stemming from connections between large databases more effectively.

WTS Klient Business Automation cooperates closely with WTS ITAX GmbH, which offers both proprietary and external software solutions for its clients to tackle complex tasks requiring not only comprehensive taxation expertise but also significant IT skills.

Németh, the head of the new business line is one of the owners of the company, as well as an IT engineer and economist. He completed his IT engineering studies at the Janus Pannonius University (now University of Pécs) and acquired an MBA at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).

The expert has two decades of experience in the field of IT services for business processes. He is a founding member of the Hungarian Association of Fraud Investigators, where he works in the specialized field of IT support for audits.

"In recent years, digitalization has grown exponentially in all fields of business," says Zoltán Lambert, managing partner of WTS Klient, explaining the launch of the new business line. "Business processes are more and more IT-based, accounting and tax consultants need to work increasingly with databases created by automated systems. We established this new business line to face these professional challenges to the best of our abilities, and to serve our clients with the most optimal solutions available."

“We are very happy to have János for this, because with his intensive experience in the industry he is a great help for us in combining our accounting and taxation expertise with state-of-the-art IT solutions," he adds.