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UPC significant increase in Internet business

UPC Hungary Kft, a nationwide communications company, and Monor Telephone Company Rt (Monortel), a fixed-line and Internet service provider operating in a single area, increased their revenues by 5% year-on-year to a combined $151 million in Q1 and Q2, according to US-based parent company Liberty Global Inc. Through its UPC Broadband division, Liberty Global is active in 11 countries in Europe. UPC Broadband provides video, high-speed Internet access and telephony services over its networks and operates cable networks in Western Europe (The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Belgium) and Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Slovenia). In most of these countries it is the largest cable operator in terms of subscribers. At the end of June, UPC had nearly 730,000 cable TV subscribers, 11,000 more than a year earlier. Meanwhile, the number of customers using UPC’s digital satellite services rose 18% to 177,000. The company saw a spectacular rise in Internet users, from 97,000 to 168,000. UPC and Monotel had a total of 124,000 phone subscribers a 57% increase over the 12 months to the end of June mostly due to the popularity of cable phone users. Being active in 11 European countries it is serving 12.7 million homes, 9 million video subscribers, 1.9 million broadband Internet subscribers, 935,000 telephony subscribers. Digital Telephony (VoIP) is already launched in 7 countries, Digital TV: via cable and direct-to-home (DTH) satellite. (Világgazdaság,