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Terrán developing solar roof tile

Roof tile maker Terrán Tetőcserép Gyártó is developing a tile with an integrated solar panel together with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Managing Director Attila Gódi said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Attila Gódi explaining the benefits of Terránʼs Futuron solar roof tiles.

Terrán could put the tiles on the market as soon as next year, Gódi said. He declined to put a price on the new product, although it already has a name, Futuron.

According to the companyʼs website, the final goal of the development is "to create an aesthetic, environment-friendly energy-generating roof system without compromise."

Gódi said 200-300 of the tiles could supply all of a typical householdʼs electricity needs. Terran has two plants in Hungary, two in Slovakia and one in Romania. It turned out 50 million tiles last year, national news agency MTI reports.