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T-Mobile and Ericsson testing LTE successfully

Since the introduction of HSPA, the number of mobile internet subscribers is increasing dynamically and the use of the service is expanding. More than 90% of data generated by T-Mobile’s 430,000 subscribers is related to the HSPA broadband network.

Future expansion of multimedia content, the up-and-coming HD video and 3D imaging technologies and the drastically increasing number of mobile devices connecting to the networks will result in an increased demand for an even higher bandwidth. To meet the prospected demand, the next generation of networks, Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is being developed. Preparing for the commercial launch, T-Mobile and Ericsson are testing LTE’s operation in real circumstances.

The professionals of the two companies started the establishment of the technology in October 2009 in Budapest, Szerémi út. The LTE test system is capable of providing data and voice services alike. From middle January, already in the first phase, a 48 Mbps download speed was reached. In the further stages of testing, the goal is 100 Mbps, which is four times more than the current capacity of the 3G network. (BBJ Online)