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Szentkirályi-Kékkuti celebrates year of record sales

Mineral water and soft drinks company Szentkirályi-Kékkuti Ásványvíz Kft. closed 2018 with HUF 17.2 billion in revenues, up almost 10% since 2017, while also doubling its production capacity via a new bottling production line.

Apart from the popularity of several of its brands, the company attributed the records to the long summer season and the increase in the share of branded products on the market, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The growing weight of branded products is also proven by Nielsenʼs retail index, which says that more than 70% of products sold on the market were branded.

According to Nielsen, the sales volume of Szentkirály-Kékkúti grew by 6.9% on the unflavored (natural) mineral water market, which is nearly twice as high as the average 3.7% growth of the market.

Due to increasing customer demand, the company completed a self-funded new bottling development worth EUR 7 million. The new line at the companyʼs site in Szentkirály doubled production capacity, the company says.

"Two more successful years are behind us, with stability and momentum given by our brand portfolio and our financial background," said Levente Balogh, president of Szentkirályi-Kékkúti Ásványvíz Kft. "We ensure Szentkirályiʼs future and the further strengthening of its market position with the development delivered last fall in Szentkirály, and this year we will finalize the merger with PepsiCoʼs Hungarian subsidiary, making it possible for us to provide our partners a full drink portfolio."