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State support for workplace training easier this year - Deloitte

According to new regulations, companies may apply for financial support for internal and external training programs from the National Employment Fund (Nemzeti Foglalkoztatási Alap) in the event they create 50 new workplaces, advisory firm Deloitte says.

Viktor Tóth

Affected companies may claim 50% of the costs, in order to reimburse the personal effort of lecturers and participants, administrative costs, the amortization cost of the employed tools, and other related material costs.

"Starting this year, the rules regarding training support are changing positively, meaning that applying firms may receive even support worth EUR 4,000 per employee, while the training period for each employee may reach 24 months," said Viktor Tóth, senior manager of Deloitte Hungaryʼs tax division. "In case the application is successful, the company only has to pledge to keep on employing a mere 70% of the training participants for 18 months."