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State of own auto common reason for car rental

One of the most significant motivations for renting a car is often concerns about the condition of oneʼs own vehicle, especially in the case of longer trips, according to research by car rental company Budget Hungary.

The company survey revealed that while most people who go on a trip inside Hungary usually prefer to drive their own car, the rate of flying and renting a car is growing significantly in the case of international travel.

Still, 80% of those surveyed said they use either their own vehicle or or a rental car if embarking on a longer journey. Those aged 36-45 and living in the western part of the country are most likely to believe their car is in adequate shape to make it through a longer trip.

The rate of women who ever rent a car is high, and so is the amount of people with higher education, and people living in a two-person household. 

Some 63% of those surveyed would rent a car if their own broke down, and 26% would also rent one if they deemed the condition of their own vehicle unsatisfactory. One-quarter of respondents would rent a bigger car than their own to have more room for passengers or a larger trunk. Among those who have already rented a car, the rate jumps to 39% in this category.

The most common number of travelers per rental car is two (39%), followed by four-person trips (28%), and trios (23%).

However, Hungarians are not simply keen on renting a car for holiday purposes; nearly half of those asked say they would rent a specific model before making a purchasing decision.

Among those who have experience in renting a car, the most appreciated aspect is that they are not burdened by service costs and that they can set out on a longer trip with a car in perfect condition.

Budgetʼs research notes that generally, the favorite destinations in Hungary are spread out evenly. Some one-third of respondents favor the Balaton, but people living in eastern Hungary tend to pick a visit to the capital.

The most popular county capitals for visits are Debrecen (21%), Eger (18%), Szeged (17%), Sopron (15%), and Pécs (14%).

Among European destinations, Vienna is the most popular (35%), followed by Croatia (21%), Prague (17%), and Italy (13%).