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Startup founder on innovation festival

The following article is from the May 22 - June 4 edition of the Budapest Business Journal.

Brain Bar Budapest, a conference exploring the nexus of humanity and technology, will take over several Budapest venues in the capital on June 4-6 with a host of interesting speakers and events. The Budapest Business Journal spoke about the Brain Bar with Prezi co-founder Ádám Somlai Fischer, who will also be presenting at the event.

A hoarde of big-name speakers will be taking over venues all around Budapest to discuss technology for the June 4-6 event dubbed Brain Bar Budapest. The key topic of this event is how humanity and technology can work together. Along with making the tech world stop and reflect on its human side, the event is expected to put a focus on Budapestʼs home-town innovation scene. Musical events and other side entertainment are also planned.

One of the speakers, Ádám Somlai Fischer, has already made a big name locally as one of the founders of Prezi, the unique presentation software. Here he tells us more about the startup scene in the capital, and the upcoming event.

Q: Budapest is increasingly talked of as one of the top startup capitals in Europe. Why do you think Budapest is a good place to nurture innovative ideas?

A: Any place is a good place to nurture innovative ideas, if there are enough curious people around and they are willing to work for their dreams. Of course, the education and other circumstances are also important, but the main element is always the inner drive of these people. If you look at the current startup eco-system, you can see a lot of really enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who are making this environment better day-by-day.

Q: What makes Hungary a good place for innovative industries?

A: We have everything they may need: good universities, good companies, and a beautiful city. When we started, one thing was missing: Successful role models. Luckily in the past few years we saw several globally successful companies to emerge from Budapest, like Prezi, Ustream, NNG, and LogMeIn. Having role models is crucial to spark a region.

Q: Why do Hungarian startups insist on keeping product development in Hungary?

A: We have good engineers and they are more accessible compared to Silicon Valley or other startup hubs. It is good to see that engineers coming from all around the world are creating their own networks and sharing their knowledge among each other.

Q: What can be done to boost innovation in Hungary?

A: Creating a culture that helps people to explore unknown areas without the fear of failure.

Q: You will be among the speakers at the Brain Bar Budapest “inspiration festival”. Could you briefly outline what you will be talking about?

A: I will speak about how visual communication helps end digital illiteracy.

Q: What is unique about the festival?

A: I really like the idea of exploring technology in the context of everyday human life, and I am happy to see such great speakers coming to Hungary, making their knowledge available for everyone in Budapest.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: Come and get inspired by all the amazing speakers on the guest list!