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Sparking app offers new means of modern parking

New Hungarian app Sparking recognizes oneʼs car through its most important external characteristics, offering not only modern parking solutions but opening opportunities to make a range of car-related services cashless and automatic, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Image: Shutterstock

According to data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH), the number of cars in Hungary exceeded 3.6 million last year, with 270,000 new registrations. One third of the cars are concentrated in Budapest and the agglomeration, imposing a significant burden on public roads and parking garages. 

"More effective use of indoor parking can alleviate areas with heavy traffic," noted András Dubitz, founder of Sparking, speaking at the Proptech Conference. "By informing users and making parking more convenient, we want to show how to park safely and stress-free."

The app was developed through a cooperation of Rollet and Star Park, a company that has monitored the development of technology and changes in driving customs in Hungary since its establishment more than 26 years ago. The app shows the users free parking spots at more than 600 locations across the country, and allows automatic, contactless parking even without a mobile device.

Thanks to Rolletʼs developments, cars can be identified through the app and the camera systems in parking garages. Identification occurs through surveying 30 different details on the car. The car park barriers open and close automatically and that there is no need for the driver to even stop payments via their phone at the end of the parking period. The app can also direct a user to a specific parking spot in the case of parking at office houses and shopping malls. 

"We are constantly on the lookout for new ways of utilization; we are in talks with drive-in fast food restaurants, car washes, shopping malls, and office buildings," Dubitz noted. With the system using existing infrastructure, it may grow the capacity utilization of the parking garages based on experiences so far, according to the press release.