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SIÓ-Eckes donates 35,000 products to hospitals, families

Fruit juice producer SIÓ-Eckes announced canceling price increases planned for 2020 and donating 35,000 SIÓ and hohes C products to help healthcare workers, hospitalized patients, and families in need, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

SIÓ-Eckes managing director Ágnes Kovács briefing the press.

The first part of donations have already been delivered to the Szent László Hospital in Budapest. The donation was made with the cooperation of the Operative Groupʼs action group responsible for coordinating donations and volunteering, within the framework of the "Segítsünk egymásnak" (Help each other) initiative.

The products were handed over personally by the companyʼs managing director Ágnes Kovács. 

She said that social responsibility is important for the company, noting that the business created initiatives such as the "Köszönjük SIÓ!" program, which was launched 12 years ago, helping disadvantaged children prepare for the beginning of the school year.

"In difficult times like this, coming together and helping each other is especially important. We believe that through supporting the ill, the families in need, as well as our partners and consumers, we could contribute to ameliorating the situation of those especially affected by the virus," Kovács says.

In the near future, the company will also distribute 5,000 SIÓ VitaTigris fruit purees to disadvantaged children with the help of the Interchurch Aid.

In Siófok, SIÓ-Eckes helped the local community by providing 300 families in need with SIÓ and hohes C products.

"We believe that ensuring the operation of market players and supplying consumers with our products could only be possible through sharing responsibility. We are providing a 60-day deferral of payment to our wholesale partners within the credit line, and we continue to provide product deliveries to our partners without a credit line at the level of risk specified for the products specifically affected," Kovács adds.

The press release notes that while rising ingredient prices and forintʼs weak performance against the euro pose a significant financial burden for the company, SIÓ-Eckes will not increase the price of products this year.