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Shelfie aims to break glass ceiling of design furniture

Hungarian startup Shelfie aims to revolutionize how the youth thinks about furniture, as the creator wishes to offer an alternative to those who cannot or do not want to pay for expensive design furniture, according to a press statement sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Gyula Csocsán has spent three years turning his idea into a product that is initially aimed at the Hungarian market, but might also be marketed internationally later. Shelfie is a shelf system, the creator says, that can be customized by the buyer.

The parts of Shelfie are manufactured of Borovian pine, which has many advantages compared to plastic coated furniture, Csocsán says. Firstly, it is an entirely natural material, secondly it is strong and long-lasting, and thirdly the furniture spreads the well-known pine wood scent around the rooms.

The surface of the shelves is unvarnished, which the creator says makes its easy to corrected any damage or wear and tear by a sandpaper. 

Although, the parts of the shelf system can be installed in infinite ways, the creator promises, the online store of Shelfie offers hundreds of preconfigured furniture. Additionally, the webpage makes an offline “configurator” available for download, which can be used for customizing your own furniture. Later, an online application will be launched with the same purpose, Csocsán says.

Shelfie is designed to be easy to assemble with the tools and guidelines included in the package. Even preconfigured furniture can be customized and expanded by the buyer easily, Shelfie promises.

Shelfie is also conscious about pricing, which the creator claims will be pegged at affordable levels, allowing the Hungarian newcomer to compete against the best known flat-packed furniture brands.