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Révész Group inaugurates HUF 9 bln logistics centre

Road haulage company Révész-Nyírlog, a member of the Révész  Group, inaugurated a HUF 9 billion logistics center in Nyíregyháza, northeast Hungary, in the presence of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Wednesday, state news wire MTI reported.   

The company received HUF 594 million funding and various tax breaks for the project, which includes a 52,000 square-meter logistics center with warehouses, an office building and service areas. The company has raised its headcount by 85 and the Révész Group has expanded its available storage space to 260,000 sqm through the project.

Orbán noted at the inauguration that a sizable part of the Hungarian economy is made up of foreign-owned companies that the country needs, but that the companies “closer to our hearts” are still Hungarian ones. 

“Hungary’s future is no longer only being written in Budapest, but all over the country; this investment in Nyíregyháza is proof of the fact that Hungary is beginning to pull itself together,” the prime minister was quoted as saying by official government website “I would like every major city in Hungary to be in such good condition and have such excellent development perspectives as are now available to Nyíregyháza,” he declared.

Orbán said Hungarian-owned and foreign-owned companies are not opponents as they are part of the same economy. The key to development is cooperation between them, he added.   

Zsolt Székely, the CEO of Révész Group, noted that the company has 500 trucks and 600 employees in Hungary. The group also has subsidiaries in Germany and Romania.