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Report: World’s largest aqua park could be built at Lake Balaton

The world’s largest aquapark, a 110-acre indoor water entertainment center, could be built next to Hungaryʼs Lake Balaton between Balatonalmádi and Balatonfűzfő, through an investment of approximately HUF 600 billion, according to a report by regional portal

The construction of the monster-sized entertainment complex will be modelled after Cornwallʼs Eden Project, and be given the name “Aqua Regnum Hungary”. The approximate size of the complex will be 1.7 kilometres long and 500-900 meters wide, with its width extending from the lakeʼs bike path to the train tracks.

Although the plan was presented ten years ago, it could not be realized until now, Hungarian online portal reported. Once the project has been approved by the Hungarian government and the necessary investors have made their commitments, it is estimated that the construction will take roughly three years to complete, Péter Gulyás, the mastermind behind the project told

Due to the sheer size of the aqua park, financing alone will be extremely difficult to manage, and an estimated four million visitors are needed per year for the project to turn a profit, said.

Although, the mayor of Balatonalmádi has yet to approve the building of the aqua park, many details also need to be fine tuned before the project becomes a reality, reported.