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Report: Tesco Mobile clients entitled to cancel service immediately

The Hungarian clients of Tesco Mobile are eligible to cancel their subscriptions effective immediately if the level of service deteriorates in any way, as per current regulations, Hungarian online daily reported yesterday, in response to a possible termination of Tesco Mobile services in Hungary.

According to reports from last year, the operations of Tesco Mobile could come to a close in Hungary by April 16, and the carrierʼs services will be taken over by Vodafone Hungary. What this means is that some packages may change or be eliminated, while fees could also be revised, according to reports. 

Tesco and Vodafone announced the launch of Tesco Mobile in September 2011 and in one year’s time the service provider had over 70,000 subscribers, reported. The company works as a virtual service provider and uses the infrastructure of Vodafone, said. Vodafone is expected to take over all of Tesco Mobileʼs clients during the period of April 6-16, meanwhile operations will be uninterrupted, said. Vodafone will inform each subscriber about the changes, according to