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Report: New regulations transform Uber into Hungarian taxis

New regulations posted on the website of the Hungarian National Transport Authority today in connection with requirements related to personal transportation, essentially require Uber to remodel its services and cars to exactly match those of Hungarian taxis, online daily reported today.

Under the regulations, drivers of Uber, a U.S.-based ride-sharing service, must be above 21 years of age, possess a taxi driver’s license, have a B category driver’s license that is at least two years old, have cars no older than ten years that must be painted yellow, clearly advertise fare prices in their cars, use the same base fare as taxis and provide bank card terminals in their vehicles, reported.

Last week Uber Hungary said that it is not a taxi service, but a technology system, an IT company, that operates an online marketplace, with different types of services on offer. They stressed that they have no dispatcher centers and payments are made electronically, reported.

The Hungarian operations of Uber have been under fire since the government decided to take the side of taxi drivers after taxi drivers demonstrated in central Budapest for four days last month, requesting that Uber be shut down. Uber said at a press conference last week that it would stand by its drivers, after the government announced that unlicensed Uber drivers could lose their number plates if caught by officials.