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Report: Continental looks to hire more engineers in Hungary

The future of Hungary’s automotive sector is contingent on the availability of local labor, which seems to be in short supply, automotive industry supplier Continental’s Hungarian plant director Róbert Keszte (pictured) told business daily Világgazdaság in an interview published today.

Keszte spoke to the daily about Continental’s plans to hire more engineers at its Hungarian plant, which currently has a headcount of 1,600 and is increasing every year. This mirrors the production volume of the local auto industry, which Keszte said has doubled in the past five years. “Our plan is to increase the number of engineers, but we have no plans to raise the number of physical laborers any time in the near future. Our goal is to improve efficiency.”

The plant director expressed his concern to Világgazdaság that a shortage of qualified engineers in Hungary and the rest of Eastern Europe could negatively impact the industry in the years to come, and he said that investors need to act quickly to resolve this issue by supporting training programs.

“The standard and quality of education in Hungary must be improved if the country is to produce qualified professionals with relevant language skills able to work in a multinational environment,” Keszte said, according to Világgazdaság.