The business confidence index fell to 1.7 points from 2.3 points as sentiment improved in industry and construction but deteriorated in trade and services.  

Industrial companiesʼ assessment improved in terms of order stock, output in the previous period as well as prospects for the coming months.

Construction companies gave more positive views than in the previous month although prospects for civil engineering companies worsened further. Those for building construction companies improved slightly.

Trade companies were generally optimistic.

Companies in the service sector grew more pessimistic, giving negative views of business in general and prospective turnover.

The consumer confidence index fell to -19.2 points in June from -18.9 points in May. Householdsʼ expectations were stable concerning their financial positions, but worsened in terms of their ability to make savings. They said their chances to make big-ticket purchases were deteriorating at the moment but would improve in the coming twelve months.

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