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Qatar Airways reinstates 11 destinations worldwide

Qatar Airways relaunched 11 destinations worldwide on July 1, the airlineʼs largest single day of restarts, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

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The restart, dubbed "Take-off Wednesday" was part of the airlineʼs plan to expand its network to more than 430 weekly flights to more than 65 destinations.

The following destinations took part in the July 1 restart:

  • Bali Denpasar (daily flights)
  • Beirut (seven weekly flights)
  • Belgrade (three weekly flights)
  • Berlin (three weekly flights)
  • Boston (five weekly flights increasing to daily from August 1)
  • Edinburgh (three weekly flights)
  • Larnaca (three weekly flights)
  • Los Angeles (three weekly flights, five weekly from 17 July and six weekly from 1 August)
  • Prague (three weekly flights)
  • Washington DC (five weekly flights increasing to daily from 1 August)
  • Zagreb (three weekly flights)

The following destinations will be added over the course of the month:

  • Toronto (three weekly flights, July 4)
  • Ankara (three weekly flights, July 9)
  • Zanzibar (four weekly flights, July 11)
  • Kilimanjaro (three weekly flights, July 13)
  • Bucharest (four weekly flights, July 15)
  • Sofia (four weekly flights, July 15)
  • Venice (three weekly flights, July 15)

Qatar Airways says that it is hopeful further commercial flight restrictions will be eased throughout July, with the carrier planning to resume almost two-thirds of its pre-coronavirus network by the end of the month. The airline expects its number of flights to almost double in July with close to 3,500 flights scheduled, compared to just under 2,100 in June.