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Public support for EU down in Hungary

Fewer Hungarians are happy with the country being a member of the European Union than the average, the latest Eurobarometer survey revealed.

Since spring 2006 the ratio of those supporting EU membership has declined by 10 percentage points, to 39%, compared to the EU average of 53%, the survey showed. 41% of Hungarian respondents, 11 percentage points fewer than last spring, said that EU membership was beneficial for the country (EU-25: 54%). But widespread confidence remains among Hungarians in EU institutions, with 60% expressing trust in the European Commission and 65% in the European Parliament (as against the EU averages of 48% and 52%, respectively).

73% of Hungarians would support a common foreign policy (EU: 68%), and 81% are in favor of a joint defense policy (EU: 75%). 65% of respondents advocated a further enlargement of the European Union as against the EU average of 46%. 89% of Hungarians find the current EU approach to crime overly tolerant (EU: 85%), 74% call for greater social equality (EU: 64%), 18% support gay marriage (EU: 44), and 13% would legalize soft drugs (EU: 26%). (