Are you sure? website gets new design

Leading job search portal has launched a new look for its website, designed by Melkweg Digital and aimed at making the platform more appealing to younger generations than the one it has used for the last 15 years.

When was born, it targeted a white-collar audience as only a narrow layer of people tended to look for jobs online back then, says a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. Since then, however, the portal has become a "mass product," which is reflected in the new design.

There were minor changes in the design in 2008 and 2015, but the new design, targeting a much wider audience, finally replaces the previous decade-and-a-half-old concept.

Creating the new look took more than a year, and the final version was chosen based on a survey involving more than 1,000 users. According to the research, the previous design lacked freshness and was too distant, despite projecting trustworthiness and premium quality. The new design emphasizes youthfulness and friendliness more than its predecessor, claims the press release.

"The brand awareness of has been above 90% for years," says Balázs Varga, marketing head at "Therefore, when planning the new design, we strived to show something fresh while not deviating radically from the familiar image."

Varga notes the focus on UI (user interface) design, ahead of UX (user experience).

"The change is mostly focused on UI, meaning appearance, and not UX, meaning functional, except in the case of our mobile app," he explains. "This was a mobile-first project; we completely rethought and replanned the app and adapted everything from there onto the other user and professional platforms."